felt like sketching up some Ratio since the new season of Hamatora started up..

posted 2 days ago on Jul 22

eyy, it’s my favourite asshole

posted 3 days ago on Jul 21


okay so

I learned how to adjust the sensitivity settings on my tablet from here and it’s like

I could just cry with joy

posted 4 days ago on Jul 21

three posts in one day?? preposterous!

a few more and I’ll have 100 posts, yees

I actually finished these a while ago, I’m only just posting them now.. I’m trying to sort out what I should and shouldn’t post

posted 5 days ago on Jul 19

so darkness I became

posted 5 days ago on Jul 19

I’m so on board for anything-shaming, tbh

for context about Phasellus’, see here. and what Cihro neglects to mention is that he had like, three concealed weapons

posted 5 days ago on Jul 19

why sleep when you can stay up and design faces for your OCs??

I whipped this one up relatively quick..name’s Phasellus. He was Vedden’s Cabal commander and he’s one of two characters that are actually taller and bigger than Vedden \o/

posted 2 weeks ago on Jul 05

OKAY. Here’s Cihro’Lanna, aka my-gay-quarian-assassin-who-occasionally-laments-about-not-being-able-to-tap-dat. I’ve finally settled on a design I’m happy with, rejoice

posted 2 weeks ago on Jul 04